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It's been lovely to receive two awards in recent years for publications in the Mind Body Spirit field.  The first was the Moonbeams Silver Award for the indie book 'Spirit Child', by author Laura Thomas Vroman, in 2020 - an upside to a difficult year as we were all locked down for a great deal of it here in the UK.

I have also just received news that the Christ Consciousness Oracle deck I illustrated for Amanda Ellis (Published by Schiffer/Red Feather 2023) has been awarded the COVR Gold Award for best in category. 

Both of these awards are acknowledgements of the hard work and professionalism of both author and artist; there are of course many wonderful publications which never receive this kind of recognition, but it feels good when it happens!

I have worked on several decks over the past few years (in addition to books!), and these are all available from the publishers as well as all good literary outlets. Here's the list in case you missed any;

The Christ Consciousness Self Mastery Oracle by Amanda Ellis (Schiffer/Red Feather 2023)

Manifesting with the Fairies by Karen Kay (Hay House 2023)

The Archangel Oracle Deck by Diana Cooper (Hay House 2022)

Messages from the Ancestors Oracle deck by Dr Steven Farmer (Heirophant Publishing 2022)

Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Deck by Amanda Ellis (Schiffer/Red Feather publications)

The Life Navigator Deck by Jane Delaford Taylor and Manoj Vijayan (Findhorn Press 2015) 

Jacky Newcomb's Little Angel cards (Findhorn Press 2014)

Please note I don't sell these publications on my own site. 

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